Frequently Asked Questions

FAQThe following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our services and waste water treatment. If you have additional questions or need clarification, please contact us at or complete our Contact Form.

What does it cost to process waste water?
To destermine the cost for processing waste water, prospective clients must submit an actual waste water sample (1 quart container) to our lab for analytical tests. This analysis will verify the types of impurities and oil in your water. Prospective clients must also complete a "Waste Material Profile" form and a "Business Credit Application" form. To view and download these forms click on the links below.

We are able to provide you with the cost for procesing your waste water after the lab has determined the specific contaminants and concentration levels.

Where is your water treatment facility located?
The water treatment facility is located at JW Aluminum's property at 511 Old Mt. Holly Road, Goose Creek, SC 29445 north of Goose Creek off of Hwy 52.

Can you transport and vacuum waste water from our ship?
Yes, we have all of the equipment and tankers required to offload and transport your waste water to our water treatment facility.

Do you provide emergency services?
Yes, we have emergency services available 24/7. Call Tel:843.797.3111 or 843.712.0055 and we will respond as soon as possible. Send us an email or complete our email form to help expedite our response.