Centralized Wastewater Treatment Facility

US Water Recovery provides advanced water treatment, water and oil recycling and transport services to industrial and marine operations.

Our Services

We utilize advanced technologies in the treatment and management of wastewater for effective recovery and reuse. Whether at our facility or managed on-site, we provide specialized solutions to lower costs and improve efficiencies in your wastewater treatment and management.

USWR offers additional marine, transportation and cleaning services including:

  • PCW Removal and Disposal
  • Oil Water Separator Cleaning and Disposal
  • AFR Event Transportation and Disposal
  • Car Wash and Gas station Pit Cleaning and Disposal
  • Pick Up Drums & Disposal
  • Frac Tanks for Storage of Liquid on Hand and Frac Tank Cleaning Services and Disposal
  • Coast Guard Approved in SC, NC and FL / Slops – Bilges Removal and Disposal
  • Vacuum Services
  • Marine Services
  • Marine Tank Cleaning – Grey & Black Water Removal & Disposal
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Confined Space Rescue Team Certified
  • Rail Car Cleaning
  • Dedicated Transport Division – Goodsell Transportation
  • Butterwort tank cleaning and Koshering Tank Cleaning
  • Dewatering Box
  • Air Mover Services (Gap-Vax)
  • Transportation of Container
  • Steam Hot Pressure Wash Services


Regardless of industry, the cost of transporting and removing wastewater continues to rise.  Count on US Water Recovery to streamline the process and improve your bottom line!


Shipping Companies

Cruise Lines

AFVR Events

Construction Sites

Environmental Companies


Engineering Firms

Storage Tank Facilities

Rail Road Companies

Industrial Sites



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The Process

Wastewater is treated by physical and chemical methods, removing metals, solids and oil from the water.

After the clean water is discharged into the POTW, the oil is recycled by a processor.

About US Water Recovery

Based in the Charleston, SC area and founded by Paul Goodsell, US Water Recovery has up to 400,000 gallons of storage and can process up to 1,000,000 a month of non-hazardous wastewater. Since 2004 the company has specialized in water treatment and oil recycling services for shipyards in the Port of Charleston and industries through the Southeast.  Tanker transportation and vacuum services are also available for uploading and transporting wastewater from ships and industrial sites.  

US Water Recovery is licensed by the state of South Carolina as physical/chemical wastewater pretreatment facility meeting stringent EPA standards.

Discharge Permit >


Wastewater Treatment

US Water Recovery processes non-hazardous wastewater for industrial sites and ships. We also have tanker trucks for transporting and vacuuming wastewater.

Marine Bilge Water & Cleaning Water

Marine Slops, Hfo, Bunker Oil, Dfm, Hydraulic Oil

Wash Water from Tank, Truck & Rail Car Cleaning

Petroleum Contact Water, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene & Jet Fuel


Contaminated Ground Water & Storm Water

Tank Bottom from Petroleum Storage Tanks

Industrial Spill Contaminated Water

Oils that are Water Soluble & Emulsified




Prospective clients must complete a Waste Material Profile form, a Business Credit Application and submit a waste material sample for analysis. To view and download these forms click on the links below.

Waste Water Profile >

Business Credit Application >

Contact Us

To contact US Water Recovery, please complete the form below or reach us by phone or email.

Tel: 843-797-3111

Fax: 843-797-1884

Email: info@uswr.net >

Administrative Office

US Water Recovery, LLC
511 Old Mt. Holly Road
Goose Creek, SC 29445