Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our services and wastewater treatment. If you have additional questions or need clarification, please contact us at info@uswr.net or complete our contact form.

What does the process look like?

  • Prospective clients must complete a Waste Material Profile form, a Business Credit Application and submit a waste material sample for analysis.
  • Our SCDHEC-certified laboratory will analyze your sample.
  • Once we have determined if we can accept your wastewater, we will develop a specialized solution for your needs and issue a profile number, which is added to our manifest.
  • Upon wastewater arrival, the operator in charge will take a sample from the load and test it before discharging the wastewater into US Water Recovery’s tanks. If the criteria match the previous sample, the operator will then offload the product. US Water Recovery can reject a load at any time if the load does not correspond to the profile.

What kinds of waste will you accept?

  • Marine bilge water and cleaning water
  • Marine slops, HFO, bunker oil, DFM, hydraulic oil
  • Petroleum tank cleaning wastewater
  • Tank bottom water from petroleum storage tanks
  • Wash water from tank cleaning, truck, and rail cars
  • Petroleum contact water, diesel fuel, kerosene, jet fuel, and used oil
  • Contaminated groundwater and stormwater
  • Industrial spill contaminated water
  • Discarded water from industrial, auto, and truck cleaning
  • Oils that are water soluble and emulsified
  • Glycol
  • Spent electroplating baths and sludges, metal finishing
  • Rinse water and sludges, chromate wastes
  • Blow-down water and sludge from air pollution control
  • Spend anodizing solutions. Wastewater waste liquid mercury
  • Waste acids bases with or without metals
  • Other materials may be eligible for treatment upon approval of our laboratory. If you have any questions, please complete our contact form or call.

What do you need from me to accept my wastewater?

  • US Water Recovery needs a true sample of the waste, analytical and a profile signed by the generator. Once the waste has been accepted US Water Recovery issues you a profile number. The profile number is then placed on the US Water Recovery manifest.

What does it cost to process wastewater?

  • To determine the cost of processing wastewater, prospective clients must submit an actual wastewater sample (1-quart container) to our lab for analytical tests. This analysis will verify the types of impurities and oil in your water. Prospective clients must also complete a “Waste Material Profile” form and a “Business Credit Application” form.

What is the procedure for Waste Sampling?

  • The procedure for analysis of pollutants is conformed to the regulation published pursuant to 40 CFR part 36, as amended. All testing is performed by a SCDHEC-certified laboratory. For each measurement or sample taken US Water Recovery follows this procedure:
    • The dates the analysis were performed
    • The persons who performed the analysis
    • The analytical techniques or methods used

Are you a centralized wastewater treatment plant?

  • Yes.

What is centralized wastewater treatment?

  • Centralized wastewater treatment facilities treat water with very high pollutant concentrations, which are extremely difficult to treat, such as emulsified oil. US Water Recovery’s specialized solutions utilize advanced technologies, physical, and chemical methods to treat wastewater.

Where is your water treatment facility located?

  • Our facility is north of Goose Creek off of Hwy 52 at 511 Old Mt. Holly Road, Goose Creek, SC 29445.

Do you have your own transportation?

  • Yes, we have vacuum trucks, vacuum tankers, air movers, and more.

Can you transport and vacuum wastewater from our ship?

  • Yes, we have all of the equipment and tankers required to offload and transport your wastewater to our water treatment facility.

Do you provide emergency services?

  • Yes, we have emergency services available 24/7. Call 843.712.0055 or 843.797.3111 and we will respond as soon as possible. Send us an email or complete our email form to help expedite our response.

What are your plant’s hours of operation?

  • Our plant operates five days a week. We receive wastewater Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM. Emergency response services are available 24/7.