Additional Cleaning & Wastewater Disposal Services

Specialized Cleaning and Wastewater Disposal Services

In addition to Emergency Spill Response Services, Marine, and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Services, US Water Recovery offers other specialized cleaning and wastewater disposal services.

Our Additional Cleaning & Wastewater Disposal Services Include:

  • Rail Car Cleaning
  • Koshering Tank Cleaning
  • PCW (Petroleum Contact Water) Removal & Disposal
  • Butterworth Tank Cleaning
  • Container Transportation
  • Steam Hot Pressure Washing

On-site Wastewater Management

US Water Recovery offers an on-site wastewater management solution that effectively reduces disposal and transportation costs with a convenient, custom-designed, fully managed wastewater treatment operation.

Benefits of US Water Recovery’s On-Site Management Solution:

  • Decreased transportation costs; less trucking to move water
  • Convenient, on-site operation for easy accessibility
  • Reduced operation costs; USWR builds and manages plant
  • Lower disposal costs
  • High water recovery rate
  • Custom designed for your site/location

Do you have more questions about our wastewater treatment services or our on-site wastewater management solutions? Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (843) 797-3111 and we will be happy to help you.