Marine Wastewater Services

Routine and Emergency Marine Wastewater Services

US Water Recovery provides a range of routine and emergency marine wastewater services, including haul & disposal of black & grey water removal & disposal, slop and bilge water removal & disposal, petroleum contact water removal & disposal, and much more.

We have specialized in water treatment and oil recycling services for shipyards in the Port of Charleston since 2004 and are trusted by clients like the US Navy, US Coast Guard, and Carnival Cruise Lines. US Water Recovery is also certified by the US Coast Guard for over the water transfer. We have all the equipment necessary to remove and transfer material, whether it is during the process of marine tank cleaning or bilge and slop removal.

Our Marine Wastewater Services Include:

  • Marine Tank Cleaning – Grey & Black Water Removal & Disposal
  • Vacuum Work
  • Rescue Team
  • Pick Up Drums & Disposal
  • PCW (Petroleum Contact Water) Removal & Disposal
  • Oil Water Separator Cleaning & Disposal
  • Frac Tanks for Storage of Liquid On Hand
  • Frac Tank Cleaning Services and Disposal
  • Butterworth Tank Cleaning
  • Dewatering Boxes

Do you have more questions about our marine wastewater treatment services? Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (843) 797-3111 and we will be happy to help you. We also offer Emergency Spill Response Services, Industrial Wastewater Treatment Services, and other specialized cleaning and disposal services.